5 Reasons Why Fortune 500 Companies Buy Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Want to know why Fortune 500 companies purchase eco-friendly promotional products?

Here are 5 reasons why the titans of business rely on eco-friendly promotional items to further their brand.

The numbers don’t lie.

At the end of the day, nothing matters more than the bottom line. It’s how we measure productivity – and ultimately how we measure our worth. Without an active advertising campaign, how will people know who you are and what you are selling?

If you wanted to get the word out about your business, you might take out a newspaper ad or purchase a radio slot. But according to the cost-per-impression data (numbers that evaluate your ROI), that would be the wrong move.

Did you know out of all the advertising mediums available, promotional items win hands down time and time again? Why is that?

Simply put, promotional products have staying power. Eco-friendly promotional products such as tote bags and wearables can create untold amounts of repeated exposure for your brand. That radio ad comes and goes in 15 seconds, while your newspaper ad camps out in the recycling bin.

When it comes to choosing the right eco-friendly promotional items for your next campaign, truly consider the utility of the item you are purchasing. Will it be relevant a year or two down the road? Does it retain shelf life in the mind of the recipient? Ask yourself these – and other – important questions. The answers are very revealing.

Understand the cycle of human nature.

Nothing tells your customers you are environmentally responsible than associating your brand with eco-friendly promotional products. Numerous studies conducted by the PPAI (Promotional Products International Association) and other independent third-parties have revealed customers entertain a high rate of recall (roughly two-thirds of people surveyed) with specific advertisers who actively promote with eco-friendly gifts. Repeated brand exposure forges a lasting impression. Reinforcement is a time-honored learning tool for animals – and humans are no exception.

Reduce your carbon footprint now

Eco-friendly promotional items can greatly reduce the carbon footprint your business leaves behind every workday. Everything from organic and biodegradable fabrics to biodegradable corn plastic to buttons that prevent computers from wasting kilowatts all help reduce your carbon footprint. Encourage your employees to spread the word by having them pass out eco-friendly giveaways to their family and friends. Choose recycled stock or seeded paper next time you have a large direct mail piece going out. It begins with an initiative and grows from there.

Don’t ignore your competitor’s moves

If you think green promotional products are a passing fad think again. A number of Fortune 500 companies have relied on green promotional items to further their brand’s image, so surely if big corporations with staying power are utilizing them why aren’t you? Case study after case study is being published by businesses that have noticed sustained growth and increased revenues simply by branding with green promotional products. Implement a strategy and move forward. Goodwill is contagious.

Knowledge is power

Do your research. Look at the different promotional items Fortune 500 companies use to further their brand. Know what makes a fabric organic or what the FTC classifies as acceptable “Green” marketing claims before you jump in and put your logo on the first eco-friendly promotional product you see. Choose items that align with your product or service. Attach a small recycled tag to your promo item that highlights ways your customers can save money by becoming more environmentally conscious. This valuable information might just make it on your customer’s fridge for months on end.