4 Reasons Why Recycled Promotional Products Create Repeated Exposure

Promoting your company with recycled promotional products is one of the best ways to impact your bottom line without compromising your core values.

Consider this: In the not too distant future, more and more start-ups will be introducing iPhone apps that deliver environmental ratings and information on thousands of everyday products. This information will also be attached to items in your local grocery store. Undoubtedly, consumer’s purchasing decisions will be influenced on a multitude of levels – and those brands that weren’t prepared will be forced to play catch up.

Since our business decisions have global consequences, it makes sense to take the time to understand how recycled promotional products can start benefiting your company right now.

Q: What are the benefits of putting my company logo on a recycled promotional items?

A: First and foremost, if the item is made from virgin material the amount of energy it takes to produce it is magnified many times versus those made from recyclable material. From recycled glass to aluminum, the amount of energy and water saved – not to mention CO2 emissions cut – is substantially higher. More and more consumers are buying products from companies that exhibit environmentally conscious decisions. Slowly switching from petroleum-based promotional products to recycled promotional products is a good first step for any company to take.

Q: What are some sticking points associated with environmentally friendly promotional items?

A: You just came across a photo of your favorite celebrity shopping with a recycled plastic tote bag, and you think to yourself, ‘If she is doing it, why not me?’ It is true that the overall quality of the material can become compromised during the recycling process. Chances are it isn’t as durable as its petroleum-based opposite and won’t be able to be recycled again. It is important to know if that recycled tote bag can be repurposed into something else just in case the question arises.

Q: How will green promotional items help my brand grow in a responsible manner?

A: Perception is nine-tenths of the law. How your customers perceive your brand can make or break your bottom line. If a passerby comes across your logo for the first time and it is attached to a recycled promotional product such as a bag or pen, chances are you will be looked at in a favorable manner. Prioritize with high impressionable items.

Q: Should I tie in an incentive-based sales strategy with recycled promotional products?

A: Yes. Linking a recycled promotional item with your target product will benefit your company in two ways. First, you can sell more of your higher priced items or services if you offer a desirable recycled promotional item as an incentive. Second, since the item bears everyday utility your customer will be a walking billboard, showcasing your company logo to the marketplace. With respects to price points, recycled promotional items are comparable to standard promotional products.

Choosing to promote your company with green promotional items will reinforce your brand’s message in an environmentally responsible manner. The question is not whether you can afford to, but if you can afford not to.